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About Tsing Capital

Tsing Capital is the first cleantech venture capital management firm in China, since 2001. Our vision is to pioneer the advent of clean investment, believing that the time was right to take a new lead in economically viable environmental awareness. We began with a paradigm shift in Chinese venture capital, now we are the leader of this field.

Tsing Capital is a Tsinghua Holdings company. As a part of the venture investment arm of Tsinghua family, , our position gives us unparalleled access to an unrivalled center of technical and scientific excellence, Tsinghua University. The collaboration with distinguished faculty and acess to vast resources of the University give us distinct advantage in keeping current with technology development, deal sourcing, conducting due diligence and to understand new government regulations and policy decisions. In a world of fast changing technology know-how and global environmental concerns, our position at the heart of decision-making is a special asset.

Tsing Capital’s management team is comprised of seasoned investment professionals with superb track record and rich international experience. Led by Mr. Don Ye, the team has built a deep domain expertise in many sectors in cleantech, established a distinguished brand and strong reputation, in China and in financial and technology centers around the world.

Since 2001, Tsing Capital and our Managing Partner, Mr. Don Ye have received numerous awards, including the 2003 Top Ten Best Venture Capitalists in China award, a 2003 Leading Figure in China's New Economy award, a 2005 Cleantech Pioneer, the 2008 Cleantech Investment Leader award from the Cleantech Venture Forum, and the 2008 Best Corporate Citizenship Award from the 21st Century News Group, the first VC recipient. These awards from leading Chinese and international organizations are an undisputed recognition and validation of the leadership of Tsing Capital in China cleantech investment and of its strong culture in social and environmental focus and corporate citizenship.

Since becoming a world factory, China has also become a major polluter. Together with it’s economic growth demanding renewable energy supply, China has become a pivotal player in global climate change and carbon reduction. In this climate of growing environmental concerns, Tsing Capital is building a growing and unique legacy of success. We invest with a vision: being socially and environmentally responsible is good for business. This is reinforced by our slogan ‘Doing Well by Doing Good'.